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Bio Center ZANN: Our assortment

Our assortment

ZANN offers you an extended range of organic vegetables, fruit, dairy produce and flowers. Because of the close cooperation with our own suppliers in Holland and many suppliers all over the world we can offer you a full range of fresh products throughout the year.

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Fruits and vegetables:
  • Long cucumbers, mini-cucumbers, coloured capsicums, all kinds of tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, radish, chicory etc.
  • Onions, pumpkins, cabbages, carrots, salsify etc.
  • Apples and pears
  • Grapes, mangoes, limes and other exotics
And many more……

Dairy throughout the year
  • ZANN can offer you farmer Gouda cowcheeses , herb cheeses, sheepcheese and goatcheese throughout the year.
  • ZANN can offer you nice flowers during certain periods of the season.
We also are strong in smallpacking. Together with a certified packer we make daily pallets of prepacked products for our customers, flowpacking, foodtainers, traffic lights, everything is possible.
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